Tracking Expo Priority Points

Expo Priority Points help determine booth assignments for exhibitors. Exhibitors who have accumulated points based on past participation can qualify for booths in the most desirable locations on the expo floor.

This topic contains sub-topics that describe how to enable the Expo Priority Points functionality and how to configure an expo to calculate point totals automatically.

Enabling Expo Priority Points

Follow these steps to set up support for Expo Priority Points:

  1. An administrator selects the Active option on the Event Handlers record for the Expo Create Priority Points process flow to enable it; this process flow calculates priority points when an order for an Expo product ships. 
    • This Event Handler is disabled by default. An organization should only enable it if it plans to use the Priority Points functionality.
    • This Event Handler applies to the Orders entity. It uses a new Expo Orders Shipped Event Definition to fire the Expo Create Priority Points process flow whenever an expo order is marked as Shipped.

    Event Handler
  2. Open a new record from the Expo Priority Point Types service.
    • The Expo Priority Point Types service is located in the Expo Management application.
    • An expo coordinator creates Expo Priority Point Types based on the types of priority points defined by the organization.
  3. Enter a Name for the Expo Priority Point Type.
  4. Enter a Description for the priority point type.
  5. Click OK to save the Expo Priority Point Types record.
  6. Repeat the steps above to add additional priority point types as necessary.

Configuring an Expo to Calculate Priority Points

After support for priority, points have been enabled (as described in Enabling Expo Priority Points, configure an Expo with the necessary settings to calculate priority points. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Expo Products record for which you want to specify point accumulation.
  2. Select the Products record's Expos > Units tab.
  3. Specify the following information as necessary:
    • Priority Point Type: Specifies the type of priority points that will be earned for participating in this Expo. This drop-down list displays the records from the Expo Priority Point Types service.
    • Min. Units for Points: Specifies the minimum booth size (defined as Units within Aptify's Expo Management system) that an exhibitor must order to receive any priority points for this expo. The minimum booth size must be met on a single order to receive priority points. Once this minimum has been met for an exhibitor at a particular show, the system no longer checks minimum units and awards points regardless of booth size for all subsequent booths purchased.
    • Points Deadline: Specifies the date by which an exhibitor must place an order for a booth in order to receive priority points. The system does not generate priority points for booth orders with an Order Date that is after the Points Deadline date.
    • Participation Points: Specifies the number of priorities points the exhibitor receives for participating in the expo. Participation Points are based on the participation in the event as a whole and not on the number of booths purchased. Aptify only awards Participation Points once to a particular exhibitor. Subsequent booth space purchases by that same exhibitor are not awarded additional Participation Points. Note that these points are only awarded if the exhibitor qualifies for points based on the Min. Units for Points and Points Deadline.
    • Points Per Unit: Specifies the number of priorities points the exhibitor receives for each unit of the booth that is ordered. For example, if the Points Per Unit is 5 and the exhibitor orders a 5-unit booth, the exhibitor earns 25 points. This is in addition to whatever Participation Points the exhibitor has earned.

  4. Exhibitors place orders for booth space at the Expo (as described in Assigning Booths to Customers). When the Orders record is shipped, Aptify automatically calculates the priority points earned for each order line on that order for an Expo product (using the Priority Point settings from the Expos record). It also creates an Expo Priority Points record for any order line for which points have been awarded. 
    • The Expo Priority Points record includes the following information:
      • Expo Priority Point Type: This identifies the type of Expo Priority Points earned.
      • Date Earned: The date on which the points were earned. This corresponds to the Order Date.
      • Exhibitor: Displays the name of the exhibiting company.
      • Root Exhibitor: Displays the name of the root parent company for the exhibitor, if one exists. Otherwise, this field shows the same name as the Exhibitor field.
      • Order ID: The ID of the order that contains the Expo order line that generated this record.
      • Order Line #: The assigned order line number on the order for the Expo order line that generated this record.
      • Actual Points: The number of priority points calculated for the Expo order line. For example, if an Expo awards 20 participation points and 5 points per unit, an exhibitor who orders a 5-unit booth earns 45 participation points.
      • Effective Points: This field represents the effective number of points earned by the exhibitor. By default, the Effective Points is the same as the Actual Points, but if a manager chooses to manually modify the number of points earned by an exhibitor, he or she should modify the Effective Points but leave the Actual Points at its calculated value for future reference. Therefore, when reviewing an exhibitor's total points, an organization should consider the exhibitor's Effective Points (and not the Actual Points).
      • Last Show Exhibited At: This field displays the name of the Expo for which the exhibitor has ordered a booth and earned priority points.
      • Order Expo Detail: This field links to the Order Lines record for the Expo order line that generated this record. This link box displays the Booth ID of the booth, which the exhibitor ordered on that order line.

  5. An expo coordinator or manager uses Aptify's viewing system to identify the number of points earned by a particular exhibitor as needed.
    • Using list views, chart views, and pivot tables, a manager can identify the number of points awarded to a particular exhibitor or group of exhibitors over a period of time.
    • In addition, a user can add one of these views of priority points as a new tab to the Companies record to quickly identify the priority point status for a particular exhibitor. (A new tab that displays a view on a form can be added on an individual, group, or global basis, depending on the requirements of the organization.)

Sample Pivot Table Accumulating Priority Points


Aptify creates Expo Priority Points records with negative points (including deducting any applicable participation points) when a cancellation order for an Expo product is shipped.



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