About Application Server Forms

The sub-topics related to this topic provide field-by-field information on every form related to Application Servers and Scheduled Tasks. This information is intended for use as reference material for the various fields on these forms.

The forms are documented in alphabetical order. Within each form, tabs are also addressed in alphabetical order.

Note that the fields marked as required in this topic are required at the entity level. In some cases, a required field may already have a default value, so a user does not need to specify a value for these fields before saving the record. To review the list of fields required at the entity level, open the appropriate Service Properties dialog (by right clicking the service in the Navigation Bar and selecting Properties) and click the Fields tab.

The following forms are documented in this topic:

About the Application Servers Form

The Application Servers form stores the name of the Application Servers that are installed in Aptify. You should not create these records manually. The Application Servers Setup program automatically creates an Application Servers record each time a new server is installed.

Application Servers Form

Account Information Tab

Default Job Account Name

This is the user account that will be used to run Scheduled Tasks that are created by View Scheduling. See Job Account Name for more information.

Default Job Account Password

This is the Windows Domain password for the Job Account. Note that this field is encrypted by default using the Generic Entity Encryption Key. By default, the sa user and members of the supplied Accounting, Administrators, and/or Users groups have access to this key.

Only users who have access to the key can enter a value in this field. Also, any user who will use View Scheduling also needs access rights to this key in order save the scheduled view's corresponding Scheduled Tasks record.

Depending on the security model that your organization has implemented, you may want to create a new key to encrypt this field and allow only designated users access to that key. This is the recommended approach. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Aptify as an administrative user.
  2. Create a new Security Key to encrypt the Default Job Account Password, grant access to the appropriate users for this key, and then update the Default Job Account Password field in the Application Servers entity to use this new key.
  3. Update the Job Account Password field in the Scheduled Tasks entity to use this key, too. See About the Scheduled Tasks Form.

Note that any user who will create Application Servers records and any user who will use View Scheduling needs access to this key. If a user doesn't have access to the Security Key, the Job Account Name and Password fields will appear on the View's Scheduling tab. (Power users can enter a valid Job Account Name and Password, but this may be too advanced for all users.)

See Managing Field Level Encryption for information on field-level encryption and Enabling View Scheduling for information on enabling and administering View Scheduling.

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Application Servers record.

General Tab

Name (required)

The Name field identifies the name of the Application Server.

Server Name (required)

The Server Name field displays the server's name as it appears on the network.


The Description field describes the Application Server and can list any details about the server that may be useful to an organization.

About the Scheduled Task Categories Form

This service stores the scheduled task categories, which are used to classify Scheduled Tasks into specific groupings which share similar business functionality. You can also create subcategories to further classify tasks, if necessary.

Scheduled Task Categories Form

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the record.

General Tab

Name (required)

The name of the scheduled task category.


A description of the scheduled task category.


Parent task category, if applicable. This field links to another record in the Scheduled Task Categories service. 

About the Scheduled Task Services Form

The Scheduled Task Services record defines which scheduling agents Aptify can use to manage tasks.

Scheduled Task Services Form

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the record.

General Tab

Name (required)

The name of the scheduled task service.


A description of the scheduled task service.


The object listed in this field implements the scheduling interface for this service. This object resides in the Object Repository.

Assembly (required)

The .NET assembly name of the object that implements this scheduler service.

Class (required)

The Aptify object class containing the functionality for this service. 


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