Managing Process Flows

Process flows represent a functional business process from beginning to end. They may be as simple as sending an email to a customer or may involve more complex steps such as automatically creating an order or updating the status of certain records within the system.

Process Flows in Aptify are made up of Process Flow Steps. These steps contain the actual logical components and may be arranged in whichever manner is required within the process flows. When constructing a process flow, it is important to clearly define each step in the business logic, and the possible consequences of each step's success or failure during execution. The administrator should be familiar with the delivered process components, especially with the data that each component requires.

Prior to creating a process flow, the full scope of the process must be well understood. This is especially important when determining what data may be required by the process when it runs, and what data, if any, may be returned. It is for this reason that it is strongly recommended that process flows be fully outlined prior to configuration within Aptify. 


When setting up a process flow, you will work with the following services in Aptify:

  • Process Flow Categories: A service provided to categorize process flows.
  • Process Flows: The service that stores a process flow's details.
  • Process Flow Steps: The service that stores each step of a process flow.
  • Process Component Categories: A service provided to Process Component Category.
  • Process Components: The service that stores information about the .NET assemblies that can be used as a component in a Process Flow Steps record.

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