Managing Events

The Aptify Framework provides administrators with the ability to define any number of events. The system ships with certain pre-defined generic events which are fired at appropriate times. For example, the BeforeSave event is fired by the system before saving a record. The AfterRecordCreated event is fired immediately after a record is saved for the first time.

Administrators can define any number of additional application or entity-specific events. This capability is most frequently used to narrow the scope of a more generic event. An example of a filtered event is an Order Shipped event. This event is based on the AfterSave generic event but is filtered for records in the Orders entity that have just been shipped.

In addition to defining events that are derived from generic events, administrators may define new base events which can be fired in modules designed for specific business needs. An organization can configure the system to trigger process flows in response to fired events. By linking process flows to defined events, it is possible to orchestrate complex business logic through powerful administrative utilities without any programming.

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