About the Process Flow Runs Form

The Process Flow Run record captures information about the execution of an asynchronous Process Flow. Aptify automatically creates a Process Flow Run record under the following conditions:

  • Each time an event triggers an asynchronous Process Flow
  • Each time a Scheduled Task is run

Each record contains information about the progress and result for a single execution of a Process Flow. This information includes the time at which the Process Flow was executed, the input properties used to fulfill the Process Flow, and the current status of the run (Complete, In-Progress, Pending, or Error).

See About Application Server Forms for information on the forms related to Application Servers and scheduled tasks.

Aptify automatically creates Process Flow Run records as necessary; you should not create or update these records manually.

Process Flow Runs Form

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Process Flow Run record.

General Tab

Process Flow

The process flow that has been or will be executed by this Process Flow Run. This field links to the Process Flows service.

Date Recorded

The date and time at which the Process Flow Run record was created.


The priority of the Process Flow Run. Options are Low, Medium, and High. By default, this value is set to Medium for Process Flow Runs that are triggered by an Event Handler. For Scheduled Tasks, you can assign a priority. Application servers process pending runs with the highest priority first.


The status of the Process Flow Run. The options are:

  • Pending: The Process Flow Run is ready to execute. During the polling process, an Application Server looks for Pending Process Flow Runs to execute.
  • In-Progress: The Process Flow Run has started but is not yet complete.
  • Complete: The Process Flow Run has completed.
  • Error: The Process Flow Run failed to execute due to an error.

Error Message

Any error messages received during the execution of the Process Flow appears in this field.

Error Status

The status of the error, if an error was received. The options are:

  • No Error: The Process Flow Run completed without error.
  • Pending: The Process Flow Run encountered an error during execution. The Status changes to Error and the Error Status changes to Pending.
  • Resolved: For tracking purposes, an administrator can manually change this status to Resolved after the cause of the error has been identified.

Application Server

The Application Server that has been assigned to execute this Process Flow Run. An Application Server that has Process Untargeted Runs disabled will only execute Process Flow Runs that are assigned to it. This links to the Application Servers service.

Scheduled Task

The scheduled task that created this Process Flow Run, if applicable. This links to the Scheduled Tasks service.

Job Type

This field is reserved for future use.

Process Flow Run Time

This field contains the data and time at which the Process Flow Run became available for processing by an Application Server.

Process Flow Start Time

The date and time at which an Application Server downloaded this Process Flow Run for execution.

Process Flow End Time

The date and time at which an Application Server completed this Process Flow Run and reported the results to the Aptify system.

Task Sent to Server

A check mark in this field indicates that an Application Server has downloaded this Process Flow Run.

Client Machine Name

The name of the Application Server that ran (or is running) the asynchronous Process Flow. This field is automatically populated with the server's name at the time that the task is sent to a server.

Process Flow Result Code

The result code returned by the Application Server after it has run the Process Flow.


When selected, this check box indicates that the Result Code supplied by the server means that the Process Flow executed successfully. When a Process Flow Result Code is present and this check box is cleared, this indicates that the Process Flow execution failed.

Input Map Tab

The Input Map tab lists the values used to fulfill the input maps for the specified Process Flow. This information flows down from the Event Handler or Scheduled Task that triggered the run.

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