About the Process Flow Designer View Toolbar

The View Toolbar of a Process Flows record contains the following buttons:

View Toolbar

Button Description
View Property Sheet If you ever close the Properties area of the Process Flows record, you can click this button to display it again.
Show/Hide Grid Toggle this button to show or hide the design grid. When enabled, dots appear in the Designer to assist with item placement.
Snap to Grid When enabled, items in the Designer can only be placed along grid lines. When disabled, you can place an item anywhere in the designer diagram.
Pan Click this button to enable Pan mode. Then, click within the designer and hold the mouse button down. As you move the mouse, the designer window pans to show items that may not be currently visible in the designer window.
Zoom In/Out Click this button and then click within the designer to zoom in. To zoom out and return to the original size, mouse over the button again.
Magnification Level Select a magnification level from the drop-down list to resize the design area.


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