Creating Process Component Categories

Each Process Component is associated with a category. A user can create categories as needed. Each category requires a name, description, and icon. A sample Process Component Categories record is shown in the figure below.

Process Component Categories record

Aptify automatically creates a new category each time it generates CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) components when an entity is saved. (See About the CRUD Process Components for more information.) The parent for these types of categories is the Entity Operations category.

Follow these steps to create a new Process Components Categories record:

  1. Open a new record from the Process Component Categories service.
  2. Enter a Name and a Description for the category.
  3. If this category is a child of another category, specify the parent category in the Parent field.
  4. In the Icon field, specify the Object Repository location of an image to use for this category, if desired. This icon has no associated functionality.
    • The system specifies an entity's icon in this field for categories created automatically for CRUD components. The icon specified here is also applied to all of the CRUD components.
  5. Save and Close the record.
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