Defining Process Component Result Codes

Since a process component encompasses a unique piece of logic, when run, the functionality may result in one or more scenarios. These possible results are defined as result codes for the component. A process component's result codes flow down to the process flow step's Action Map when the process component is selected for that step. Note that you need to configure the result code's action at the process flow step level after the component is added.

Follow these steps to add Result Codes:

  1. Open a new record from the Result Codes tab on the Process Components form.
  2. Enter a name into the Code field.
  3. Enter a description for the result code.
  4. By default, the Success option is selected. By default, the Success option is selected. If the code does not signify a successful operation, clear the option.
    • When an unsuccessful code is returned by the component, the system generates an error log entry.

      Result Codes Record
  5. Click OK to save and close the record.
  6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 define additional result codes.
    • Alternatively, you can click OK and New in Step 5 to save the current record and open a new Results Codes record in one step. 
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