Using the Web Service Process Component Wizard

Aptify provides the Web Service Process Component Generator Wizard to create a process component that can send and receive information through one of the web methods defined within a web service. Follow the steps below to use the wizard to generate process components that communicate with third party data sources through a Web Service.

Note that web service methods that require authentication are not supported. Only publicly accessible web methods are supported at this time.

  1. Go to the Process Component service.
  2. Launch the Aptify Web Service Process Component Generator Wizard from the Process Component entity browser toolbar or the toolbar of a view run from the service.
  3. Enter the URL information of the Web Service you want to communicate with in the URL field.

    Web Service ProcessCompent Generator - Step 1
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select the web method you want to use for the process component from the list.
    • Summary, Parameters (Input Properties) and Return Type (Output Properties) information is displayed to the right of the selected method.

    Web Service Process Component Generator - Step 2

    • If you select a Web Method that is already associated with a process component in Aptify, the following message appears alerting the user to update the existing process component or exit to cancel and select a different method.

    Selected Method Alreayd Exists Dialog

  6. Click Next and Finish to generate the process component.
  7. Select Yes to view the generated Process Components record.

Web Service Process Component Generated from the Wizard
Once the process component is generated, a developer can use the process component to create process flows to send and received information through internal or third-party data sources. 

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