About the Dynamic Shared Embedded Non-Owner Role

This type of link identifies an entity that shares an embedded record but is not the originator or owner of that embedded record. Also, when the record is updated at the owner level, these updates automatically apply to this non-owner's embedded link as well.

For example, a Person's business address is the same as his or her company's address. So, a Person's AddressID is the same as the Company's AddressID. Likewise, any updates to the Company's address should automatically result in an update to the Person's address. However, if a user changes the address on the Persons record, the shared link is broken and that Person's address will no longer be updated when the Company's address is changed.

The embedded link field for a dynamically updated non-owner entity has the following settings, as illustrated in the figure below, which shows the AddressID field in the Persons entity:

  • Linked Entity: The name of the embedded entity.
  • Linked Entity Field: Typically, the ID field in the embedded entity.
  • Link Type: Embedded
  • Mode: Dynamic. This setting adds a Dynamic Sharing tab to the Fields record.
  • Dynamic Flowdown Proc: This field is blank. The update logic is defined at the owner level.
  • Dynamic Sharing Relationships Sub-Type: This sub-type listing is blank. It is only applicable at the owner level. 

     Embedded Link Non-Owner Field
  • Non-Owner Entity Object: A developer specifies the initial flow-down logic from the owner entity to the non-owner entity in an entity plug-in object for the non-owner entity. See Adding Plug-Ins to an Entity for details.
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