Configuring a Shared Embedded Entity

Follow these steps to create a shared embedded entity:

  1. Create an Entities record for the embedded entity. See Creating a New Entity for instructions.
  2. Add all necessary data fields to the new entity.
  3. Add the following three fields to support the shared embedded object functionality:
    • OwnerEntity (nvarchar(100)): This field is used to identify the entity name for the record that "owns" a particular embedded record.
    • OwnerRecordID (int or bigint): This field is used to identify the record in the OwnerEntity that created a particular embedded record.
    • Locked (bit): This field is used to indicate whether or not an embedded record may be updated. When set to 1, the embedded record has a static relationship with one or more container records and cannot be updated. 
  4. Complete the configuration of the embedded entity.
  5. Save and close the Entities record.
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