Administering Filter Relationships

Aptify provides the ability to create a view in one service while filtering on fields that are related to another service. This allows a user to provide a view of one entity's records when only the filtering criteria from another related service is known. For example, if a user needs to access a group of Order records that were used to purchase a particular product, then the user must select the Products service to filter the search in the Orders service. Once linked to other entities, all of the fields within that entity are available as filter criteria for a view. In the example mentioned above, all of the fields within the Products service become available for further filtering criteria for the Orders view. Only the current service's records populate the generated view from the Find dialog box. For example, an Order-based search using Products service fields to filter the search always provides a view of Order records.

The associations that are used to tie these entities together for viewing purposes are called Filter Relationships. These relationships are added and edited from the Filter Relationships sub-tab on the Configuration tab of the Entities form.

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