Administering Microsoft Word Templates

Aptify integrates with Microsoft Word to provide a mail merge wizard that loads view data into pre-defined templates, which are stored in the Object Repository. These templates easily generate targeted letters and labels that can improve the efficiency with which your organization communicates with its customers and/or members.

Aptify's integration with Microsoft Word requires Microsoft Word 2003 or later


The following is an overview of how to use Microsoft Word mail merge templates with Aptify:

  1. The Aptify MS Word Integration wizard is available for the Persons entity by default. If necessary, an administrator can add the wizard to one or more additional entities. See Adding the MS Word Integration Wizard to an Entity for more details.
  2. An administrator adds one or more Word Template Categories.
  3. An administrator creates one or more Word Templates and adds them to the Object Repository.
  4. A User creates a list view that displays the records to include in the mail merge document.
  5. The user launches the Aptify MS Word Integration wizard and selects a template to create a mail merge document using the data from the view.

    The Aptify MS Word Integration wizard can be run from any list view (including prompted views and temporary views). Other view types are not supported.

The following sub-topics contain instructions on how to perform the following tasks:

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