Administering Pending Changes

With Aptify, a user can save changes as pending and specify a date and time for when these changes should be applied to a record. This feature uses Aptify's Application Server and Scheduled Task functionality to execute the data changes after the specified date without requiring any user intervention. See Using the Save as Pending Button for information on how users can save pending changes to be applied at a later date.

Your Aptify installation must include one or more Application Servers to use the Pending Changes feature. See Managing Scheduled Tasks for information on Application Servers and Scheduled Tasks.

The following is an overview of the process:

  1. An administrator creates a Pending Changes Scheduled Tasks record that defines when pending changes will be processed (for example, every night).
    • Specify the Update Pending Changes PF process flow in Process Flow link box.
    • There are no Process Flow Inputs required for this Process Flow.
    • Specify other information on the Scheduled Task as necessary. See Creating a Scheduled Task for more information about creating scheduled tasks.  

      Sample Pending Changes Schedule Task
  2. Users save pending changes as necessary, specifying a future date and time for when the changes should be applied to the record. When a user saves a change as pending, Aptify creates an Approved Pending Changes record. The Pending Changes record is accessible to administrators in the Framework application.
    • Note that Pending Changes records are automatically generated and cannot be modified directly. See About the Pending Changes Form for more information on this form.
    • Also note that when a pending change is in affect for a record, the Alerts icon turns red on the record's toolbar to notify all users that a pending change exists for the record. See Creating Alert Types for more information about this service.  

      Pending Changes Record
  3. At the specified date and time, the Scheduled Task creates a Process Flow Runs record that fires the Update Pending Changes PF process flow.
  4. The assigned Application Server executes the Process Flow Runs record to apply changes from any Pending Changes records with an Approved status that have a scheduled date in the past. After the changes have been applied, the Pending Changes record's Status is set to Posted automatically.
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