Administering Metadata Wizards

Aptify provides the ability for administrators and developers to easily create new wizards for Aptify without having to write and compile code in Visual Studio. Aptify's metadata-based wizards are defined as records within the Aptify system, and they utilize Aptify's Form Template and Process Pipeline functionality to display field information within the wizard and to provide conditional logic to create a streamlined and easy-to-follow process for the end user.

Note that this documentation refers to these types of wizards as metadata wizards to differentiate them from code-based wizards that are added to an Entity's Configuration > Actions tab (see Adding Wizards to an Entity and Developing Code-Based Wizards for more information on code-based wizards).

Aptify includes three production metadata wizards (the Membership Enrollment wizard, the Account Manager Transfer wizard, and the Bulk Write-Off wizard). It also includes an example metadata wizard, called the Sample New Company wizard, to illustrate some of the options available when creating a wizard. Note that the Sample New Company wizard is provided as a test wizard only and is not suitable for production use. It cannot be launched from anywhere within the Aptify interface by default to prevent a user from mistakenly running this sample. An administrator or developer can find this wizard in the Wizards service.

This topic provides the following sub-topics on how to create a metadata-based wizard in Aptify:

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