Creating a View Prompt Query

In Aptify, administrators are able to use the View Prompt Query service to create view prompt queries that can be used to create views that contain prompts with dynamic content. The view prompt queries contain the SQL necessary to specify the content type that is displayed in the prompt list when the view is run. Users specify a view prompt query when creating a drop down (SQL query) prompt view. See Creating a Drop Down (SQL Query) Prompt View for more information about creating and running these views.

There are no default view prompt queries available in Aptify. Administrators create the view prompt queries required to support the ability to create and run drop down (SQL query) views,


Perform the following procedure to create a view prompt query:

  1. Log in to Aptify with an account with administrative access.
  2. In the Web Services application, open the View Prompt Query service.
  3. Open a new View Prompt Query record.
  4. In the Name field, enter a name for the view prompt query.
  5. In the Service Data Object ID field, specify the service data object that contains the SQL to identify the desired content type.
    • See Creating a Service Data Object for more information about creating a new service data object.
    • For example, to get a list of names from the database to populate the prompt list, enter the following in the SQL field:

      select firstlast from vwpersons
  6. In the Description field, enter a description of the view prompt query (optional).
  7. Save and close the View Prompt Query record.


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