Defining the Wizard UI Platforms Tab

The Wizard UI Platforms tab lists the Aptify user interface (UI) platforms that can be used to run this wizard. This topic describes how to add UI Platform records to this list. 

New wizards cannot be run until supported UI platforms are defined.


Follow these steps:

  1. Determine whether you want this wizard to be available on just the Aptify web interface, just the Aptify Windows Desktop client, or both.
  2. Open a new Wizard UI Platforms Record.
  3. In the UI Platform ID field, enter the platform ID for a UI platform you wanted to support for this wizard.

    Wizard UI Platforms Record 

    • Enter HTML5 Web to add support for the Web Interface.
    • Enter Windows Desktop Client to add support for the Desktop client.
    • Click the link in the field to open the associated UI Platforms record. See About the UI Platforms Form
  4. Click OK to save the record or click OK and New to open a new record to add support for the other UI platform to this wizard.
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