About the View Types

A standard Aptify installation supports the following view types:

  • List Views
  • Calendar Views
  • Chart Views
  • Pivot Table Views
  • Pivot Grid Views
  • Map Views
  • Gantt Views

Each of these view types has a View Types record, as shown below for calendar views.

Calendar View Type Record

The General and Filters tab on the View Types form display a series of check boxes that correspond to the functionality that is available within the Aptify viewing system. By default, only the features supported by a particular view type are selected.

Note that you should not enable any feature for a particular view type that is not checked by default. Your users will encounter difficulty configuring views if they attempt to configure a view to use an unsupported feature.

However, if you want to make a particular supported feature unavailable to your users, you can clear the selection from the appropriate check box and save the record. For example, if you want to prevent users from using the Auto Refresh feature, clear the the Show Auto Refresh check box and save the record. In this case, the Auto Refresh tab would no longer appear on the View Properties tab for views that use this particular view type.

See About the View Types Form for more information on the form. Also, for information on how to use each view type, see Using the Viewing System.

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