Disabling Standard Filter Relationships

By default, all entities support three standard filter relationships:

  • Record History: Users can filter records in a service based on Record History information.
  • Lists: Users can filter records based on Lists to which these records belong.
  • Topic Codes: Users can filter records based on characteristics of associated Topic Codes.

These relationships appear in the Services drop-down list in a view's Filters dialog, as shown below.

.  Standard Filter Relationships
An administrator can disable one or more of these standard filter relationships as desired. Follow these steps:

  1. Open an Entities record.
  2. Click the Configuration > Filter Relationships tab.

    Managing Standard Filter Relationships
  3. Clear the check box for one or more of the standard filter relationships.
  4. Save and close the Entities record.


The Record History, Lists, and Topic Codes filter relationships are visible in a service's filter dialog for administrative users, even if these options have been cleared in the service's Entities record. 

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