Selecting a Component for Entity Bulk Operations

Entity Bulk Operations may use a component to implement the required logic instead of rules. A developer needs to create the component with desired functionality in Visual Studio .NET and then add the compiled object to Aptify's Object Repository. Here is an overview of the process for creating new Entity Bulk Operation components:

  • The organization defines the actions required of the Entity Bulk Operation.
  • A developer writes and compiles an object in Visual Studio .NET that performs the required actions.
  • The object needs to implement Aptify's standard IEntityBulkOperation interface. See the Aptify Software Development Kit (SDK) for more information on this interface.
  • A developer or administrator adds the bulk operation object to the Aptify Object Repository.
  • A developer or administrator creates an Entity Bulk Operations record, as described in Configuring Entity Bulk Operations and configures it to use the new component.

Follow these steps to create a component-based Entity Bulk Operations record:

  1. On the Entity Bulk Operations record's General tab, select Component from the Type drop-down menu.
    • The Component-related fields become available. 
  2. Enter the component's Object Repository location in the Object field.
    • Click the plus (+) sign icon to browse for the object's repository location. 
  3. Enter the object's assembly name in the Assembly field.
  4. Enter the name of the class that defines the functionality for the operation in the Class field.

    The Icon and Icon Small fields are reserved for future use.

    Component-based Entity Bulk Operation

  5. Save the Entity Bulk Operations record.


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