About the Visual Designer Culture Label

Culture Label in Design Mode
Use this component to add a culture-aware label to a form. It uses the following input properties:

  • Text (required): This is the text that appears in the label. If the value you enter corresponds to a Culture String's Base String, then the text of the label will change to match the local string that corresponds to the user's assigned culture.
  • TextAlignment: This string specifies the location of the text within the label. The default value is MiddleRight. You can specify any combination of Top/Middle/Bottom and Left/Center/Right.
  • AutoSize: Set this property to a value greater than 0 to automatically resize the label area to fit the text you entered. Note that the text is aligned in the TopLeft of the original label area prior to resizing. Leave this property set to 0 to manually control the size of the label area. 
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