About the Visual Designer Filter Rules UI Control

Filter Rules Control
This component adds the Aptify Filter Rules control to a form. This is the same control that appears on the Product Prices form's Filter Rules tab.

See Using the Filter Rules Service for information on Aptify's Filter Rules feature.

Note that the entity must have an embedded link to the Filter Rules entity's ID field (that is, a FilterRuleID field) to successfully use this control.

Typically, your entity's generated form will already have one or more fields from the Filter Rules entity. This control replaces these fields so you should delete any redundant fields from the form before adding the control.

This component requires the following input properties:

  • FieldName (required): Specify the name of the FilterRuleID embedded field in the container entity. Typically, this is FilterRuleID.
  • NewName: Enter the name that to assign to the embedded Filter Rules records that will be created from within this entity. Aptify will use this as the Name field for all new Filter Rules records it creates that link to a record in this service (unless the developer who wrote the filter rule evaluation logic for this entity specified a different naming criteria).
  • NewFilterRuleType: Enter the name of the Filter Rule Types record that corresponds to the type of filter rule the entity supports. Typically, each Filter Rules implementation has its own Filter Rules Types record. See Using the Filter Rules Service for details.
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