Using the Form Template Copy Wizard

Aptify provides a Form Template Copy wizard that creates a copy of an entire form template hierarchy for a top-level form, including copies of form template parts. Aptify recommends that a developer use this wizard when working with form templates to create a copy of the system's baseline form template and then modify that copy as desired. This will prevent the system from inadvertently overwriting any of your changes if Aptify modifies the standard form templates at a later date.

Note that cloning a form template is not the same as using this wizard – the cloning operation only clones a particular Form Templates record and remains linked to existing Form Templates and Form Template Parts. Changing these form template parts will then lead to undesirable side effects to the other forms that use the same parts.

Follow these steps to create a copy of a form template:

  1. Identify the form template whose structure you want to copy. Make a note of the current Rank for that template.
  2. Create or open a view of Form Templates.
  3. Click the Form Template Copy Wizard icon in the view toolbar to launch the wizard. 

    Launch Form Template Copy Wizard 
  4. Review the information on the wizard's Welcome screen and click Next to continue.  

    Copy Wizard's Welcome Screen 
  5. Enter the Form Template that you want to copy in the Top-Level Form Template field.
  6. Enter a prefix to add to the name of the templates and parts that the copy process will create in the New Form Template Name Prefix field.
    • For the purposes of packing and unpacking form templates, this prefix will differentiate your copies from the original form. 
  7. Specify the rank for the new form templates in the New Form Template's Rank field.
    • If two top-level templates have the same scope, the system displays the template with the lower rank.
    • If you want the copy to display within Aptify, you should specify a rank for the new form template that is lower than the rank for the old form template.
    • By default, the new form template is assigned a rank of 10.
    • See Modifying a Tab Sub-Template's Scope and Rank and Creating a New Form Template for discussions on the impact of the Rank field on form template displays. 
  8. Specify a new rank for the old form template in the Old Form Template's Rank field.
    • During the copy process, the wizard will update the Rank for the Form Templates it copies to the value specified in this field.
    • By default, the old form template is reassigned a rank of 100. This may not correspond to the form's current rank (which you identified in Step 1 above).
    • Modify the Old Form Template Rank as necessary depending on which form template you want to display by default within Aptify.

      If necessary, you can always modify a form template's Rank later directly within the Form Templates records.

  9. Click Next to continue.
    • Note that only one top level form template can be assigned a particular rank for an entity. If the Rank you specified for the old or new form template is already assigned to another top-level form template, the system will display a message alerting you to this situation. If a message box appears, click OK and modify the Ranks accordingly. Then, click Next again to continue.
      Enter Values for Wizard 
  10. When ready, click Finish to begin the copy process.
  11. Click OK when notified that the process is complete.
    • The original top level form template and its related templates are updated with the Old Form Template's Rank value you specified in the wizard. The new top level form template and its related templates are assigned the New Form Template's Rank value you specified. In the example below, the Aptify.Persons form template hierarchy has been reassigned a Rank of 99 (as shown previously, the Rank of 100 was already used by another form), and the new copy (DEV.Aptify.Persons) has been assigned Rank 10.  

       Original and Copied Templates
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