Modifying Field Layout with the Visual Designer

Aptify includes a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tool, called the Visual Designer. This tool provides an administrator with the ability to rearrange the parts on a form's tab and to add new fields and controls as needed. (Each field or control on a form's tab corresponds to a different Form Template Parts.)

Note that whenever possible, Aptify developers used this Visual Designer tool to design non-generated form templates for business application entities.

This topic includes the following information on the Visual Designer:

If you use the Visual Designer to make changes to a tab's field layout, the corresponding Form Templates record becomes non-generated. If you later regenerate the entity, the Baseline Form Template Generator will not overwrite the non-generated Form Templates record. In this case, not all of your entity changes may be reflected in the entity's form template. You will need to modify the non-generated Form Templates record (using the Visual Designer) to add your changes manually or delete the existing Form Templates and regenerate the entity (if you want to recreate a generated form template for the entity). See Tips for Using Visual Designer for information on how to reinstate the generated template as the default.

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