About the Visual Designer Active Button

Active Button Component
This component places a clickable button on a form. One example of an Active Button component is the Meeting form's Close Meeting button.

A developer defines the action that takes place when the button is clicked in the form template's Layout Control. See Adding a Layout Control for more information.

This component uses the following input properties:

  • Text (required): This string specifies the label for the button that appears on the form.
  • TextCultureString: This string specifies the culture string used to localize the button label. For this input property, specify the base string for the applicable Culture String record. See Working with Culture Strings for details.
  • Action Type: Aptify implements metadata defined actions for active buttons. An Active button form component supports the same type of configuration options as a dashboard button (but executed from a form) to perform operations, such as, opening records or launching a wizard. Defining this as metadata helps reduce the number and complexity of form template layout controls and improves the overall functionality.Valid values are:
    • Click Event: This option creates a clickable button. You need to program what happens when a user clicks the button in a form template's layout control.
    • Generic Data Wizard: Select this action type to launch a metadata wizard from the form.
    • Open Form: Select this action to open a new form or a particular record in a target service.
    • Preview Report: Select this action to open a particular report in the Crystal Reports Viewer or SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SRSS).

      SSRS reports are supported in Aptify 5.5.4 and higher.

    • Print Report: Select this action to print a particular Crystal Reports or SSRS report (without previewing it first).
    • Run Find Dialog: Select this action to launch the Aptify Find dialog for a specified service.
    • Run Wizard: Select this action to launch a specified code-based wizard when the user clicks the button.
    • Send Email: Select this action to send an email when the user clicks the button.
    • Open URL: Starting with Aptify 5.5.5, selecting this action opens a specific tab of a record. For example, if you want, this feature is only available in the Aptify web interface.
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