About the Visual Designer Code Script Control

Adding a Code Script Control
This component adds the Aptify code script control to a form. This is the same control that appears on the Event Definitions form's Scripts tab, the Message Parts form's HTML and Plain Text tabs, and the Script sub-tab of the Entity Fields form's Validation tab.

See Administering Scripts for information on Aptify's scripting implementation and for how to enter a script in the code script control.

Note that the entity must have an embedded link to the Scripts entity's ID field (that is, an ScriptID field) to successfully use this control.

Typically, your entity's generated form will already have one or more fields from the Scripts entity. The code script control replaces these fields so you should delete any redundant fields from the form before adding the code script control.

This component requires the following input properties:

  • DataField (required): Specify the name of the ScriptID embedded field in the entity.
  • ScriptTypeID (required): Enter the ID of the Script Types record that corresponds to the type of scripting the entity supports. By default, this property defaults to ID 1, which corresponds to the Messaging script type.
  • ScriptLanguageID (required): Enter the ID of the Script Languages record that corresponds to the coding language that scripts in this entity support. By default, this property defaults to ID 1, which corresponds to the VB.NET script type.


The Code Script Control does not have a ScriptName input property. When a user enters a script into the control and saves the record, Aptify creates a Scripts record and automatically populates the script's Name field with [Script Type] Script (for example, Messaging Script).

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