About the Visual Designer Grouped Options

Grouped Options Component
This component creates a group box with two or more radio buttons. Typically, a Grouped Options component is used to specify filter values for an Entity List View. For example, the Persons form's Subscriptions tab includes a Grouped Options part that includes three options: All Subscriptions, Active Only, Inactive Only. When a user selects one of these options, the system filters the corresponding view accordingly (for example, the view displays the Person's active subscriptions when the Active Only option is selected).

Note that the relationship between a Grouped Options part and an ELV part is not automatic. A developer must define a Layout Control that handles the communication between the Grouped Options part and the Entity List View (ELV) part (this is also known as inter-part communication). See Adding a Layout Control for more information.

The Grouped Options component supports the following input properties:

  • Text (required): This specifies the caption for the component's group box. In the example shown above, the caption is Subscription Options.
  • Style (required): This property specifies the layout of the radio buttons, either Horizontal or Vertical.
  • Options (required): This property stores the list of options. The component adds a radio button for each option contained in this list. Use a comma as the option delimiter (for example, All Subscriptions, Active Only, Inactive Only).
  • TextCultureString: This string specifies the culture string used to localize the label. For this input property, specify the base string for the applicable Culture String record. See "Working with Culture Strings" in the Admin Gude for more details.
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