Assigning a Modified Field Layout to a Specific User or Group

In some cases, you may want a modified field layout to be available to only a specific user or to a specific group.

The following steps describe how to reinstate the baseline form template as the default and apply the modified layout to a specific user or group members. (Note that this does not apply to changes you make to non-generated forms — regenerating the baseline form may not return the form to its original state.)

  1. Create a view of Form Templates service where the template's Entity field is the entity whose forms you want to modify.
  2. Open the non-generated Tab Template you modified with the Visual Designer.
  3. Change the Name and Description for the template.
  4. Save and close the record.
  5. In the Entities service, regenerate the entity and its baseline form templates. See Regenerating an Entity for instructions.
  6. Return to the Form Templates service and identify the newly generated Tab Template and the corresponding non-generated Tab Template you renamed earlier in these instructions. Write down the IDs of both records.
  7. Open the non-generated Tab Template.
  8. Specify the newly generated Tab Template in the Base Template field.
    • The generated Tab Template is the Sub-Template for the form's Tab Part. By specifying the generated template as the Base Template, you can link your non-generated tab to the generated form templates. 
  9. Modify the template's Usage Scope and enter a User or Group in the corresponding field.
    • If you want to assign the modified layout to a specific user, select User from the Usage Scope field and enter the user in the User field (which appears automatically).
    • If you want to assign the modified layout to a specific group, select Group from the Usage Scope field and enter the group in the Group field (which appears automatically).
      • Note that this template will apply only to users who have this group set as their Primary Group.

        Group Scope Template
  10. Save and close the Form Templates record.
  11. Close the Aptify client and connect as the specified user or as a user whose Primary Group is the specified group to confirm that the modified template appears for that user.


While users' cans switch between numerous tab layouts, users cannot switch between field layouts.

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