About the Visual Designer Advertising Link Label

Advertising Link Label Component
This component adds a field label as a hyperlink that can be used to access another record in the system. This is the form component used to display the Options Amount hyperlink in the Advertising Insertion Orders record. When a user clicks this link, the corresponding Advertising Options record opens. (Note that Advertising Management is an add-on application that may not be available on your system.)

This component displays the hyperlink but does not provide the functionality to identify a record to open. A developer defines the action that takes place when the hyperlink is clicked in the form template's Layout Control. See Adding a Layout Control for more information.

This component uses the following input properties:

  • LinkLabelText (required): This string identifies the text for the label that will appear as a hyperlink.
  • LinkLabelTextCultureString: This string specifies the culture string used to localize the button label. For this input property, specify the base string for the applicable Culture String record. See Working with Culture Strings for more details.
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