About the Visual Designer Email Control

Email Control Component
This component adds an email address control to the form. It is particularly useful for entities that store multiple email addresses. This is the same control that appears on the Persons form.

Note that the entity must have one or more email fields (that is, fields with the Extended Type set to Email) to successfully use this control. The control will be blank if you add it to an entity that does not have an Email field.

If your entity has only one email field, then you can just use the default field that was already generated by the Aptify Baseline Form Template Generator. (This corresponds to the Text Field component with an extended type of Email.) However, if your entity has multiple email addresses, you can organize all of the email addresses into the single Email control.

In this case, your entity's generated form will already have one field for each email address in the entity. The Email control replaces these fields so you should delete any redundant fields from the form before adding the Email control. Note that the control's email selection drop-down list reports the Display Name for each email field.

The Email control uses the following input properties:

  • FieldString: This string stores the list of fields in the entity that correspond to email fields. When specifying multiple fields, use the pipe character (|) as the field delimiter (for example, "Email1|Email2"). This field is only required if you set -AutoFindEmailFields to 0.
  • EmailFieldListWidth (required): This property specifies the width of the email address drop-down list (so user can select from the available email address, such as Home E-mail, Work E-mail, etc.). By default, the width is 32 pixels, which may be too short depending on the email fields' display names. You may want to increase this to 60 or 100 pixels.
  • AutoFindEmailFields (required): When set to 1, the control automatically locates and loads the entity fields that have Extended Type set to Email. When set to 0, you must manually specify the list of email fields in the FieldString property. 
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