About the Visual Designer Multi-Line Text Field

This component adds a text box to the form that appears in multiple lines. When adding a multi-line text field, you should also expand the height of the field to the desired size. Note that new multi-line fields may appear as a single line until after you have saved your changes and the Visual Designer is closed.

This component uses the following input properties:

  • FieldName (required): This string links the Form Template Part to a Field in the form's entity. For this input property, replace the <Required> default with Name of an Entity Field that meets the requirements for a multi-line text field. See Multi-Line Text Field for more information.
  • ShowLabel (required): When set to 1, the specified LabelCaption appears on the form. When set to 0, the LabelCaption does not appear. This input property defaults to 1.
  • LabelCaption: This string specifies an optional caption that can appear on the form to the left of the field.
  • FontName: This string specifies the font used for the caption and the field value. It defaults to Tahoma.
  • LabelWidth (required): This property specifies the width of the LabelCaption in pixels. A typical LabelWidth in Aptify is between 79 and 99 pixels.
  • Multiline: A value of 1 specifies that this is a text field supports more than one line. Leave this setting at its default value.
  • LabelCaptionCultureString: This string specifies the culture string used to localize the label. For this input property, specify the base string for the applicable Culture String record. See Working with Culture Strings for more details.
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