Defining a New Message System

  1. Open a new Message Systems form from the Message Systems service.
  2. Enter a Name and Description for the messaging system.
  3. If you want to create audit lists for messages sent using this message system, select the Create Audit List check box. See Creating Audit Lists for more information.
  4. Locate the Object which defines the messaging system by clicking the button to the right of the Object field.
  5. Enter the name of the class for the messaging system in the Class field.
  6. Enter the assembly's name for the messaging system in the Assembly field.

    The developer who created the message system object should provide the Object, Class, and Assembly information to you. Creating a new message system object is beyond the scope of this document. 

  7. If messages through this system require approval prior to being sent, select the Requires Approval option.
  8. Place a check mark in the Active box to make this Message System available to users.
  9. If the Message System supports HTML, select the Supports HTML option.
  10. If the Message System supports only plain text and not HTML, clear the Supports HTML option. When disabled, Aptify saves the HTML body field as an empty string. Also, users cannot enter HTML text on the HTML tab within the Aptify Messaging dialog (the tab and related buttons are grayed out).
  11. Specify the character used by the message system to separate multiple email addresses within the Address Separator field. This information is used by the View Scheduling functionality.

    The Footer fields, the Allow From field, and the Allow Reply To field are reserved for future use. 

  12. Save and close the new Message Systems record.
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