Configuring Dot Net Mail Attributes

Before an organization can use the Dot Net Mail message system, an administrator needs to configure the system's attributes to specify the SMTP server that the system should use for sending messages.

Concerning SMTP Authentication

If your mail server is configured to use SMTP authentication use the Dot Net SMTP Client messaging system. See Configuring Dot Net SMTP Client Attributes for details.

Follow these steps to configure the attributes:

  1. Open the Dot Net Mail Message Systems record.
  2. Select the Attributes tab. 

    Dot Net Mail Attributes
  3. Open the DefaultFromEmail sub-type record and enter a default From email address in the Value field (replace the [Replace Me] default value).
    • The system will use this address as the default From email address for messages sent using Dot Net Mail if the user did not specify a From address in the Messaging dialog.
  4. Open the SMTP Server sub-type record and enter the network address for your organization's SMTP server (replace the [Replace Me] default value).
  5. Save and close the Message Systems record.
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