Creating Audit Lists

You can configure the system to create an audit list that identifies all of the records included in a message run for all runs that use a particular message system. This feature can be used to track and review the recipients of a bulk message. The topic includes the following:

Concerning Enabling Audit Lists

By default, this functionality is disabled since audit lists require storage space and may increase the system's performance time. Therefore, create audit lists only as necessary.

Configuring Message Audit Lists

Follow these steps to enable it for a particular message system:

  1. Open the Message Systems record you want to configure.
  2. Clear the Create Audit List option. 

    Enable Audit Lists 
  3. Save and close the record.

Reviewing a Message Audit List

When checked, the system creates a Lists record for each message run that is sent using this message system. Follow these steps to review the audit list for a bulk message:

  1. Create or open a view of the Lists service.
  2. Locate the List that corresponds to the Message Run you want to review.
  3. You can identify the audit list based on the Message Run's ID. The list name appears in the following format: Message Run of 'X', where X is the ID of the Message Run. Note that you can also filter records based on List Type, since all audit lists share the same Message Run List list type.
  4. Double-click to open the Lists record. The List Items tab displays the message recipients.

    Sample Audit List 


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