Updating Object Repository Objects

Occasionally a file required by one of the objects included in the Object Repository must be updated. This could be due to a new version from the manufacturer or changes required by the organization to existing configurations. The Object Repository Objects record allows new versions of the files to be pushed to the object repository. The most recent date and version for that file is updated automatically once this record is saved.

Follow these steps to update an object:

  1. Open the Object Repository Objects record for the file to be updated.
  2. Click the page button to the right of the Local Filename field. This displays the Select File dialog box, which is used to locate the file to be stored in the object repository.
  3. Find the newest version of the file and click Open to close the Select File dialog box. The Local Filename field populates with the local path directory where the file is located.
  4. Save the Object Repository Objects record.
    • When the record saves, the Updated field refreshes to the current date and time, and the Internal Version field increases by 1 to indicate that the file version has been updated. 
  5. Save and close the Object Repository Objects record.

    After updating an object, you can download the new version to your client using the Object Repository dashboard. See Downloading an Object or Object Package Using the Dashboard. Alternatively, you can close and relaunch the Aptify Desktop client. The next time the system uses the object, it should download the new version.

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