Keeping the Object Repository Synchronized

The Object Repository Synchronizer utility is used to keep the objects in the Object Cache folder of Aptify synchronized with the objects in the Object Repository. This utility is typically run when the automatic download of objects from the repository is turned off (for example, in an e-Business environment or the Aptify Application Server) and there were subsequent changes to any of the objects in the repository. The utility can be run through a user-friendly wizard or can be run asynchronously without requiring any user interaction.

Disabling automatic downloads from the Object Repository is particularly important web servers, because the download causes the site to recompile. In other multi-user environments, automatic downloads are disabled is to prevent the locking of files that occurs during a download. In this scenario, a separate process is required to shut down all instances of the application, synchronize the appropriate files, and restart or make the application available again. Disabling the automatic download will save some cycles and bandwidth.


This topic describes how to run the utility and how to automate it to run automatically on a pre-defined schedule.

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