About the Entity Permissions Form

Permissions records detail the permission set for users and/or groups to create or modify an entity's records. All of the permissions that are available for an Aptify group are also available for an Aptify user. This allows the format of the Entity Permissions record to be the same for both security levels.

Permissions records may only be created from the Group Permissions or User Permissions sub-tabs of the Security Tab of an Entities record. See Granting Entity Permissions to Groups and Granting Entity Permissions to Users for more information.

Entity Group Permissions Record
Group ID/User

The group or user associated with the permissions. The label on this field is dependent on the sub-tab from which the form was opened.


Selecting this option gives read permissions to the selected group/user.


Selecting this option gives create permissions to the selected group/user.


Selecting this option gives edit permissions to the selected group/user.


Selecting this option gives delete permissions to the selected group/user.

Allow Merging

Selecting this option grants the selected group/user record merging permissions. If Allow Merging is selected, Delete must be selected as well. To enforce this dependency, when the user selects Allow Merging, the Delete option is automatically selected and marked as a read-only check box.

Allow Object Viewer

If this option is selected, the group/user is given permissions to open record information for this entity in the object viewer.

In Place Edit

If this option is selected, group members/user can edit record data directly within a list view without opening a record's form. Note that this option is only available if the Edit option is selected. Also, this assumes that the Allow In Place Editing option is checked and In Place Edit Security is set to Specified Users/Groups on the entity's Security > Options tab. See Modifying Security Settings for In Place Editing for details.

Recordset Query Limit

If this option is selected, Aptify limits the number of records that can appear in a view to the number specified for the group or user. This assumes that the Enable Recordset Query Limitation option is checked on the entity's Configuration tab. See Managing the Recordset Query Limitation for details.

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