Modifying Security Settings for Wizards

By default, wizards in Aptify are available to all users who have access to the underlying entity associated with that wizard. However, an administrator can configure both code-based wizards (that is, Entity Actions) and metadata wizards to restrict the set of users who can access them.

To disable a wizard entirely, an administrator can change that wizard's Status to Inactive. This will prevent all users from accessing the wizard.

To restrict the wizard to a sub-set of users, leave the Status as Active, clear the Allow Everyone to Run option, and specify the Groups and/or Users who should have access to the wizard on the Group Permissions and User Permissions tabs.

Note that to restrict access to code-based wizards, you need to modify the security settings at the Entity Actions record. See About the Entity Actions Form for details. To restrict access to Metadata wizards, you need to modify the corresponding Wizards record. See About the Wizards Form for details.

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