Using Multiple Base Views

This topic outlines the multiple base view functionality introduced in Aptify version 5.5.1. This functionality allows organizations to configure additional base views on top-level entities, streamlining the way users access information in Aptify, and improving the view and find performance. Multiple base views can be configured to include fields from other entities, including sub-types, so that users can access information in one view. In addition, multiple base views can use many of the features that an entity's standard base view uses including the Report wizard, messaging, and views (all view types are supported). Multiple base views are similar to virtual entities, but have several advantages:

  • You do not need to create an additional entity to view information across multiple entities. With multiple base views, you simply select the particular base view you want to return information from when running views or finds.
  • You do not have to configure redirect information to open an appropriate form. The service form in which the base view is configured is opened automatically.
  • With virtual entities, you cannot use many of the features that are part of the entity, for example, messaging, mail merge, etc. These features are available with multiple base views. Also, since the base view is configured directly on the entity, you have access to reports without additional configuration.
  • Less Advanced SQL is required for selecting fields across entities. If the base view is configured with the appropriate entities/fields, the fields are already included. Note that additional steps are required when adding fields from entities that do not have a direct relationship to the current entity. See Best Practices for Adding Fields from Entities with Non-Direct Relationships for information.
  • Multiple base views can be used not only with Aptify's viewing functionality, but Aptify's find functionality as well. In addition, an administrator can configure different default base views to be used with a view and find operations on a global, group or per user basis.



In Aptify 5.5.2, Aptify updates the multiple base view functionality to include a wizard to simplify the process of creating base views.

The sample base views included are:

  • Persons With Committees: Returns information based on a person's Committees involvement.
  • Persons With Order Meeting Details: Returns information based on a person's meeting registration activity.
  • Orders and OrderMeetingDetail Information: Returns order details related to meeting registrations placed on a given order.
  • Orders and OrderLines Information: Returns order line details for a given order.

The use of multiple base views is described in the following topics:

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