Specifying a Default List View Preview Pane

Aptify can display a preview pane at the bottom of list views that provides easy access to a sub-set of information from a particular record. See Using the List View Preview Pane for information on working with Preview Panes. This topic describes how to specify a default preview pane at the entity level so that it is available for views of that entity. Note that by default, the Persons service is the only entity that has a Default Preview Pane specified.

  1. Design the preview pane that you want to use for this entity. The preview pane should be a Form Templates record that contains all of the fields that you want the preview pane to display.
    • See Administering Form Templates for information on working with Form Templates.
    • If you want to use an existing Form Template as the preview pane, for best results, you should create a copy of that form template using the Form Template Copy wizard to prevent inadvertent changes to the original template. See Using the Form Template Copy Wizard for details.
    • Review the design of the Persons and Companies entities' default preview pane templates for ideas on how to create your own for other entities.
  2. Open the Entities record and click the Configuration > General tab.
  3. Specify the appropriate form template (from step 1) in the Default Preview Pane link box.

    Default Preview Pane Specified
  4. Save and close the entity.
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