Administering Applications and Services

In Aptify, an application is a logical grouping of related services. For example, the Accounting application contains a group of services that are associated with accounting activities, such as GL Accounts, General Ledger Batches, GL Order Levels, GL Payment Levels, and Cash Control Batches. When a user selects the Accounting application from the list of available applications and adds it to his or her profile, all of the services associated with that application are made available to the user in the Ribbon, Navigation Bar, and Folder List. Aptify ships with several standard, predefined applications.

A user accesses the list of applications that are available from the Aptify > Application menu. By default, and assuming the user has been granted the correct access privileges, several of the preconfigured applications are automatically available to the user. See Using Applications and Services for more information.

An administrator can modify the services that appear under a particular application and add new applications to the system as necessary to suit an organization's business practices. Note that a service can be associated with more than one application, but it must be associated with at least one application to appear in the Ribbon, Navigation Bar, or Folder List.

Please note that access privileges for applications only allow the user to add and view the services in the Ribbon, Navigation Bar, or Folder List. Permissions to access and use the data in the services is controlled and granted at the entity level. See Entity Security for details. 


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