Modifying the Login Configuration Attributes Locally

An administrator or user can change the appearance of the Aptify Login dialog and other configuration settings for a particular computer by modifying the properties in that computer's Attributes.xml file. (To change the configuration attributes for all users, modify the Startup.exe.config or Aptify Shell.exe.config file instead; see Modifying the Login Configuration Attributes Globally for details.)

Follow these steps to modify the properties in Attributes.xml:

  1. Locate the Attributes.xml file on your client computer (typically located in C:\Program Files\Aptify 5.0).
  2. Open Attributes.xml using a text editor, such as Notepad.
    • The following figure displays the default contents of this file.  

      Attributes Configuration File 
  3. Add new properties, as necessary.
    • See About the User Login Configuration Attributes for a list of commonly used properties.
    • Add one line for each new property.
    • You can find the property's complete name in either Startup.exe.config or Aptify Shell.exe.config. To simplify data entry, you can simply copy the item from one of these config files and paste it directly into Attributes.xml. Then, change add key to item name for each entry you copy.
    • For example, to add a SuggestedServer property, enter: 

      <item name="Aptify.Framework.LoginServices.AptifyLogin.SuggestedServer" value="Server_Name"/>
    • If you configure a property in Attributes.xml that also exists in Startup.exe.config or Aptify Shell.exe.config, the value specified in Attributes.xml takes precedence.
    • In some cases, if an attribute is specified in Startup.exe.config, you may need to overwrite that same attribute in Attributes.xml to provide new functionality. For example, if you want to use the SuggestedTrusted property in Attributes.xml but Startup.exe.config already sets the Trusted property to true, you need to specify the following two properties in Attributes.xml to successfully overwrite the functionality in Startup.exe.config (simply specifying SuggestedTrusted in Attributes.xml is not sufficient to override the Trusted property in Startup.exe.config): 

      <item name="Aptify.Framework.LoginServices.AptifyLogin.Trusted" value="false" />
      <item name="Aptify.Framework.LoginServices.AptifyLogin.SuggestedTrusted" value="true" />
  4. Edit the property or value of any existing properties that you added previously.
    • Do not manually edit any of the default ConnectionState items. These attributes are reserved for future use. 
  5. Save the file and close it.


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