Defining the Attachments Attributes for Aptify Web

The following attributes define the behavior of attachments within the Aptify web interface:

  • UploadPath: determines the directory in which attachments are uploading into Aptify through a web browser. If present, attachments will be downloaded to that folder otherwise it will download to the default location which is the Uploads folder in the Aptify web site). This attribute is found in the Aptify site's Web.config file.

    In order to successfully save attachments to records in Aptify, users must have read, write, and delete permissions to the directory. 

  • maxRequestLength: This attribute, used in conjunction with the maxUploadSizeInKB, sets the maximium size (in KBs) of attachments. This attribute is found in the Web.config file for both Aptify and AptifyServicesAPI (and should be configured to the same value in both locations).

    The value specified for this attribute must be the same as the value of the maxUploadSizeInKB attribute in the Aptify.Framework.Configuration.External file in the Aptify.Framework.Configuration.External file in the Aptify site's script/configuration folder.


  • maxUploadSizeInKB: This attribute determines the maximum size (in KBs) of attachments. Default size is 4096 KB and is found in the Aptify site's script/configuration folder.

    The value specified for this attribute must be the same as the value of the maxRequestLength attribute in the Aptify Web.Config file. 

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