About Product Maintenance in the Web Interface

This topic lists the functionality in the Product Maintenance application that is supported and Functional differences/ Unsupported Features in the Aptify web interface. Please refer to the table below for a breakdown of unsupported functionality by release. 

Release Supported Features Functional Differences and Unsupported Features
Aptify 7.x
  • Creating, opening, and editing Products records
  • Product Categories service
  • Product Issues service
  • Products service
  • Pricing Rules
  • Product Pricing
    • Allow Free option is supported. 
    • Best price based on membership is supported.
  • Product prerequisites
  • Kit Products: Creation of Kit Products for the Kit and Product Grouping product types is supported.
  • General Ledger (GL) Accounts: GL Accounts flow down feature in Products record is fully supported.

  • New Product Version/New Product Version wizard
  • Bulk Inventory Transfer 
  • Purchases/Adjustments for inventory for a Product Record.
  • Display of information on Cost Summary tab on product record.
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