Using Aptify

Aptify is the premier business application that brings the power of component‐based, distributed computing to organizations of all sizes. Aptify meets the business needs of a variety of industries, including associations, publishing, education, and meeting management. Its flexible application architecture accommodates and grows with your organization.

Aptify provides a powerful, yet easy‐to‐use, interface that lets users quickly retrieve information related to an organization’s day‐to‐day operations. A few of Aptify’s applications include:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Contact management
  • Order management
  • Inventory control
  • A Web interface for customer access (this requires the optional e‐Business application suite).

This topic contains sub-topics that are designed for all users of Aptify. It includes a detailed description of the Aptify Framework from a user’s perspective. This includes general product features that can be accessed from any of the Aptify Business Application, such as the Aptify Desktop, the viewing system, the Report wizard, Bulk Messaging, and working with Applications and Services. 

Many terms used in this topic will be familiar to Microsoft® Windows® users systems. Others are specific to Aptify; these terms are defined as necessary. 

This topic is not intended as a primer on Microsoft Windows operating systems. For assistance with standard Microsoft Windows operations, please refer to Microsoft documentation or any of the numerous companion books about Microsoft Windows operating systems and interfaces.

Some sub-topics in Using Aptify display content specific to the Smart Client application, as not all the functionality is currently available in the Aptify Web application.

This topic contains the following sub-topics:

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