About Forms and Records in the Web Interface

This topic describes the forms and records, and form and record features that are supported and unsupported in the Aptify web interface.

Release  Functionality

Aptify 7.x


Supported Functionality

  • Data Control Bar: Appears across the top of forms and records. It includes a similar set of options as the toolbar in the Aptify Desktop client. However, not all options have been implemented. The implemented command buttons are as follows:
    • Save: Saves the record and keeps the record open.
    • Save and Close:  Saves and closes the record.
    • Save and New: Saves the record and opens a new record in its place.
    • Delete: Deletes the record, assuming that the user has the appropriate permission level.
    • Record History: You can view record history on all records that support history, including restoring previous versions.
      • The View Object feature is not supported.
    • Refresh: Refreshes the record with current data.
    • More Actions: This drop-down list provides all of the other available actions for the selected item.
      • Changes: Shows changes since last save.
      • Print Record: Launches the Report wizard for this specific record. Note that if you want to print out the record (rather than generate a report), you can open the record in a new window, and then print it using the printer tied to your browser.
      • Add the List: Adds the record to a list (Aptify List Selection dialog is displayed).
      • Record Cloning: Clones the current record.
        • A Find dialog is displayed if selected from a new record to search for the record to clone.

          If opened from an existing record, the cloned version is opened in a separate tab.
      • Open in a New Window: Opens the record in a new browser window.
      • Add to Favorites and Remove from Favorites: See Using the Applications and Favorites Menu for more information.
      • Load from Template: Opens a dialog that displays available record templates to use as the starting point when creating a new record.
    • Alerts: Displays the number of active alerts, when there are active alerts. Disabled when there are no alerts.
      • Appears on all Form Templates. 
      • When the Alerts button is clicked, a dialog box opens showing all the active alerts with their types and messages.


        The alert types information is cached in memory to improve performance. Whenever a user makes changes to the existing alert types, the services application pool needs to be recycled to force the modified alert types to be loaded from the database.  

  • Required Fields: If the focus is on a required field, a tooltip appears even when the user is entering the required field data. Click on the tooltip to close this dialog.
  • Website Links: When including a URL or link within a record you need to include a fully qualified web address including protocol (e.g., http://www.aptify.com) in order for the site to load when selecting the action button.
  • Context-Based Form Templates: Starting in this release, context-based Form Templates, or those that evaluate Filter Rules defined on the Form template, are supported.  When a Form Template has a Filter Rule, the Filter Rule is executed and used if the Filter Rule returns true. If the Filter Rule returns false, the next eligible Form Template is displayed. Previously, only one Form Template per entity was returned from Aptify SOA to Aptify Web. Now, multiple Form Templates can be returned for any entity when a Form Template has a Filter Rule. The Form Templates for an entity are ranked for the User and will be included until the Form Template does not have a Filter Rule or there are no more eligible Form Templates for that entity.
  • Sub-type records: OK and New function is supported.
  • Potential Duplicates: When Aptify identifies a potential duplicate, all buttons are supported. See Addressing Potential Duplicate Records for more information.
  • Entity Record Type: Support for generating Entity Reports in Aptify Web
  • Link Box search: Advanced Find search on Link box is supported.

Unsupported Functionality

  • Data Control Bar: Appears across the top of forms and records. It includes a similar set of options as the toolbar in the Aptify Desktop client. However, not all options have been implemented. The unsupported command buttons are as follows:
  • Contact Logs and Tasks entities: New and existing records cannot be opened from the Links Control tab.
  • Creating Record Templates: In 5.5.5 and above, you can load record templates but cannot create record templates from the web interface.
  • Deleting Subtypes: Deleting more than one subtype record at a time is not supported.
  • Defining Form and Record Templates: Ability To Specify Form And Record Templates is not supported.
  • Entities Operations: Overall operations on Entities are not supported in Aptify Web.
  • Form Templates: Generating Form Templates is not supported in Aptify Web.
  • Merge Tool: Support for displaying Virtual fields using Merge Tool is not present.
  • Attachment Category: Drop-down box to Tree View is not supported.


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