About Order Entry in the Web Interface

This topic describes the Order Entry functions that are supported and unsupported in the Aptify web interface.


Supported Functions

Unsupported Functions

Aptify 7.x

  • Create, open, and edit Orders records
  • Create, open, and edit Payments records

  • Create, open, and edit Saved Payment Methods records
  • Support for Saved Payment Methods on Orders, Payments, and in the New Order wizard (including the Save for future use option)
  • Invoice Consolidation wizard: See Using the Invoice Consolidation Wizard
  • New Order wizard
  • Order Cancellation wizard: See About the Order Cancellation wizard in the Web Interface

  • Bulk Orders and the Bulk Order wizard: Using the Bulk Order Wizard
  • Bulk Write Off wizard: Using the Bulk Write-Off Wizard

  • Payment Refund wizard

  • Standing Order Fulfillment wizard

  • Batch wizards for Orders and Payments
    • Orders and Payments that are part of a batch are marked as such and any accounting related fields cannot be modified, just like in the Desktop client. Added a GL Entry Details tab for the web interface, which provides the ability to view transaction data for each account in the batch. See Creating General Ledger Batches in the Web Interface for more details. 
  • Default Address Settings: Currently in the Aptify Desktop client, if a default address is specified through the Address Default Settings dialog, it takes precedence over the Preferred Address settings when invoking the address flow down feature on Orders form. This feature is not supported.
  • Shipping and Handling: Supports full shipping and handling functions.

  • Sales Tax: sales tax functions is fully support in the web interface.
  • Multi-Currency Support: Available for applications and services that are supported on the web interface. For example, orders and payments can be taken in different currency types.


    When orders and payments are saved against the appropriate spot rate in the web interface. However, the Mark to Market wizard is not supported, and must be run from the Aptify Desktop client.

  • Campaigns and Meeting Sessions: When ordering Campaigns for Orders that include sessions, Campaigns cannot be applied as they are normally in the Aptify Desktop client. Users will need to open each session from the order line and add the Campaign separately.
  • Minimum and Maximum Selling Units
  • Product Prerequisites
  • Meeting Sessions Dialog 
  • Membership Pricing
  • Tax Calculations
  • Customer Type
  • Scheduled Transactions

  • Ordering Expo Products: Calculation of surcharge amounts when a booth with a surcharge is specified on a new order is supported. Modification of surcharge amounts in an existing order line must be done through the Aptify Desktop client.

  • Searching for Orders from the Payments Form: Is supported.
  • Supported Payment Methods: BluePay, CardPointe, Google Pay.
  • ePayment Capture wizard: Aptify recommends you use automate this process using the ePayment Capture Process Flow.
  • Manual Order Cancellation: The manual cancellation of orders is not supported.
  • Payment Difference wizard.
  • Marked to Market wizard.
  • Batch Record: Currently, Web does not have ability to adjust the effective date/time on batch records. By default, it takes the current date and time.


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