Business Add-On Applications in the Web Interface

The Aptify web interface in Aptify 7.x includes limited support for the following Business Add-On Applications included in the Aptify Desktop client:

Please refer to the table below for a breakdown of supported and unsupported applications by release.


Release Supported Functions Unsupported Functions
Aptify 7.x
  • Expos

    Aptify includes only limited support for Expos in the Aptify web interface. You can order an expo product and create basic Expos records; however, you cannot generate booths, or run any of the wizards associated with the Expo Management application including the Booth Combination and Floorplan Synchronization wizard.

  • Housing Management
  • Advertising
  • Publications: Includes only limited support for the Publications application.
  • Cases and Issues
  • Commission and Royalty Management
  • Aptify Learning Management System


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