About the Order Cancellation Wizard in the Web Interface

This topic lists Order Cancellation wizard functions that are supported and unsupported in the Aptify web interface. See Using the Order Cancellation Wizard for more information.

The Order Cancellation wizard is available from the ELV Toolbar, and from the Cancellation option on the Order record itself, as seen in the following screen shots.




Release  Order Cancellation Wizard Functionality

Aptify 7.x


Supported Functionality

  • The Aptify web interface includes support for the cancellation of most basic orders via the Order Cancellation wizard, for versions 5.5.1 and up. In Aptify version 5.5.3, the Show/Hide Cancellation Fee button is supported. Note that more complex order cancellations may need to be performed in the Aptify Desktop client. For additional information on Order Cancellations, see Cancelling Orders

Unsupported Functionality

  • The Order Cancellation Wizard does not display sub-products of Kit Products during cancellation.
  • Suppress Email Confirmation is Not Supported: If your system is configured to send email confirmations, checking the Suppress Email option still sends the message when using the order cancellation wizard. Not that this feature does work as expected for regular orders.
  • Ellipse option for ability to modify order line details is not supported.


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