About Dashboards in the Web Interface

This topic describes the Dashboard functions that are supported and unsupported in the Aptify web interface and lists the functions that are unique to the Aptify web interface.

Release  Dashboard Functionality

Aptify 7.x


Supported Functionality

  • Opening a URL from a Dashboard Button: Aptify 5.5.5 adds the following Dashboard function, which is available in both the web and desktop interfaces. See Configuring the Open URL Action Type for more details.
    • Note: In the Aptify web interface, you can also specify the URL of a Aptify record or view. This feature is not supported in the desktop interface. 
  • Outlook Dashboard Component: Aptify includes support for the Outlook Dashboard Component with the following exceptions:
    • If a dashboard part for Outlook is configured for a specified folder, the application will still display all of the Inbox email, rather than the individual folder specified under the Outlook inbox.
    • Users will need to resize dashboards to appropriately display Outlook parts (calendar, etc.) since any added controls will use the default dashboard part size. 
  • Most Recently Used Component: Aptify includes support for the Most Recently Used Component. Keep in mind the following:
    • The records and views within the MRU do not refresh automatically when additional records or views are opened. To refresh the list, you can close and open dashboard, refresh the Aptify web browser as a whole, or switch between the All, Records and View drop-down options.
    • Other options that are found under the Details option like Clearing the list or viewing details about the record or view are not supported.
    • Views created in Aptify web may not display. This is a known issue. 
  • Activity Types: Run Process Flow activity type is supported.
  • Copying Dashboard: Copying Dashboard is supported.
  • Viewing Dashboard Components: Aptify supports viewing of Summary Dashboard Component, Most Recently Used Component.
  • Switching Dashboards: Aptify supports the ability to switch between dashboards, with the differences listed below. See Switching Dashboards for more information.
    • Aptify web allows users to switch to dashboards that are tied to an application not currently in the user's applications list. In the Desktop client, a user must be subscribed to a dashboard's application to load the dashboard.
    • Aptify web does not load the related application when a Dashboard is displayed. The Desktop client does load the related application for the dashboard, which requires that the user wait for it to finish before proceeding.

Unsupported Functionality

  • Dashboard Creation: Creating Dashboards is not currently supported. All dashboard creation and modification must be made through the Aptify Desktop client.
  • Design in Place for Dashboard: The Design in Place option for Dashboard is currently not supported.
  • Multi-Entity Grid: Multi Entity Grid is not supported.
  • Activity Types: Switch Dashboard, Run Find Dialog, Preview Report, and Print Report activity types are not supported.

  • Disabled Dashboards Buttons: Buttons that appeared disabled are unsupported features.
  • Resize Dashboard Parts: Ability to Resize Dashboard Parts is not supported.
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